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Make it clear and compelling. 

For writers

Content development, copywriting, and editing.

For speakers

Coaching, content evaluations, and media kit development.

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Leave armed with what you need to get your message across.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

― George Bernard Shaw


We believe communication is vital to any venture, whether business or personal. We'll work diligently to help you reach your communication objectives and goals. We strive to embody the very ideal we assist with: timely, clear communication with our partners and clients.

We value integrity and honesty. And we value people, the heartbeat behind communication.

Why hire a professional?

Some of our clients are already competent communicators, and just need an extra set of eyes on their content or delivery. Others haven't the foggiest idea where to begin writing, are paralyzed with fear of public speaking, or simply need to delegate the task of crafting a message so they can focus on their core business. Whatever the case is for you, hiring a professional coach, copywriter, or editor ensures you communicate your best message to your target audience.  


Ms. Holmberg … demonstrated a true commitment to get it right and the discussions we had with her during the content development sessions were not only enjoyable but forced us to review our security philosophies critically which led to improvement of some internal concepts.
—David L. Johnson, President, ITG Consultants

Although Kirsten is not an expert in our industry, she provided relevant and insightful comments. She improved the professionalism and feel of the website, while still maintaining our vision to reach our target audience. 
—Bjorn Doskeland, President, Windland Inc.

Kirsten is not only a capable writer and editor, she is a great coach in the writing process. She imparted invaluable coaching which set our trajectory toward a wise writing process. She is diligent, forthright, wise, true to her word and quick to size things up. 
—Jon Strain, Area Director, Search Ministries

Kirsten's expertise and insights regarding speaking and communication were invaluable to my class. Not only did she encourage the students with practical public speaking tips that gave them more confidence, she provided them with the challenge to find their true voice.
—Genny Heikka, Adjunct Professor, Brown Mackie College