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Your words matter. Communication is vital to every person and every business. When done poorly, relationships suffer, morale declines, and innovation is stifled. But it doesn't have to be that way. At Platform Idaho, we help you deliver your message in the clearest, most compelling way possible—in print, online, or in person.

Kirsten Holmberg

About Kirsten

Kirsten Holmberg has been in the business of writing and speaking for nearly two decades. As a "word aficionado," she values the precision of language, ensuring clear, effective communication. Her work has appeared in local and national publications, under her own name and others'. She's passionate about helping others communicate well.

Kirsten is a member of the Idaho Editors Association and the Professional Coaching Association of Idaho. She's also co-founder and Vice-President of the Idaho Christian Speakers group, serves on the planning committee for TEDxBoise, and coaches some of the event's speakers.

Outside the office, Kirsten is happiest when using her words to cheer her children on in their athletic pursuits alongside her husband, or in lively banter with other critical thinkers.

About Our Partners

We partner with trusted professionals to help our clients with graphic design and layout, videography, photography, and a host of other editorial services.