Writing Resources

For bite-sized, enjoyable grammar lessons, check out Mignon "Grammar Girl" Fogarty's podcast and website.

To virtually eradicate grammar infractions in your writing, even on email and social media, install the Grammarly writing app.

To better understand the editing process, and different types of editing, check out The Editor's Eye, by Stacy Ennis.

Speaking Resources

Toastmasters is an inexpensive, self-paced speaking curriculum. The opportunity to practice the art of speaking regularly, in a friendly environment, is invaluable.

For a comprehensive look a building a TED-style talk—useful for developing any keynote—pick up a copy of Chris Anderson's book.

If slides are required for optimal delivery, heed the wisdom found in Nancy Duarte's free PDF download of Slide:ology.  

Influencers in a church community will benefit deeply from Communicating for a Change by Andy Stanley and Lane Jones.



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