The Idaho Speakers Bureau connects event planners to professional, vetted speakers and subject-matter experts.

We believe in the power of communication to affect change, inspire, and equip. Our members are eager to offer their expertise and professionalism for the benefit of their Idaho community. Each of our communicators is vetted by a speaking coach to ensure they meet the standards of professionalism for our industry.

Benefits for Event Planners

A speaker can make or break your event—the likes of which reflects on you. You're counting on the speaker you hire to deliver meaningful content on time and in a way that engages and equips your group.

But finding such a speaker can prove challenging, and often comes with added costs like travel expenses and lodging accommodations.

Now you can find outstanding, local candidates for your next event through our searchable speaker directory.

At no additional cost to you.

Benefits for Speakers

You've got a wealth of knowledge to share and a keen ability to impart that wisdom (or wit) to an audience. But perhaps our Idaho community isn't fully aware that your talent and expertise reside right here in our state.

How will they find you?

Members of the Idaho Speakers Bureau enjoy increased credibility with event planners because they've been vetted and endorsed as a professional communicator. They also benefit from increased visibility through the bureau's internet presence as a front-page search return for speakers in Idaho.